Old City of Jerusalem: silence before the storm

The Palestine Telegraph

A number of guards of Al Aqsa Mosque reported today that Israeli soldiers and police stood at the gates of the mosque and prevented them from entering today to conduct their business.

After having their identity cards inspected the guards were only allowed to pass if on official work shifts.

Speaking to the press today, a number of Al Aqsa guards said that the measures of the occupying Israeli forces are unprecedented. The doors are more controlled than ever, guards said in a statement.

For the third consecutive day study at the schools within the walls of the Al Aqsa compound was disrupted because of the actions of Israeli forces.

The occupying administration announced last night that the actions on the city would continue justifying the oppression under the pretext of maintaining security.

Palestinians under the age of 50 are being prevented from entering the Old City of Jerusalem or Al Aqsa Mosque. The Israeli military presence is enhanced throughout the Old City, and around the Mosque and the Western Wall.

Military and police patrols are on foot and horseback in the Old City and the vicinity, particularly Salah Addin Street where cars are being pulled over, and Bab Al Moud.

Military checkpoints into the city are witnessing a slower inspection procedure than usual.

In the same vein, fighting broke out this morning in several areas of the Old City and East Jerusalem, including Ras Al Amud, Wadi Joz and Mount of Olives. Students threw empty bottles and stones at Israeli soldiers who fired stun grenades, incendiary bombs and gas canisters.

Commercial traffic and shops are also suffering as customers cannot reach them. Most shop owners have opted to shut down for the time being due to poor conditions.

The military procedures and mood in the city are reminiscent of 1967, PNN's correspondent in the Old City reports.

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