Israel sends Fatah's Central Committee member to Ofer prison

The Palestine Telegraph

Israeli occupation forces transferred member of Fatah's Central Committee Abbas Zaki to Ofer prison near Ramallah, Palestinian Prisoners Club (PPC) said Monday.

Zakki, who was arrested in Bethlehm yesterday, has been issued a four day detention at an Israeli jail, PPC said.

Israeli occupation forces arrested Zaki along with 11 Palestinians near Bethlehem yesterday during their participation in a popular demonstration marking the Christian Pal Sunday celebrations.

The demonstration was stopped by the Israeli forces while the rest of the demonstrators who were about 100 Palestinian and Israeli left-wing activists were forcibly removed from the checkpoint area.

Israeli occupation forces attacked the demonstrators who raised the Palestinian flags along signs on freedom of belief.

Israeli detention of a Palestinian leader for participating in a peaceful rally is unprecedented, said the club.

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