Residents of Salim demonstrate against the occupation and its consequences on Palestinian villages

International Solidarity Movement

On Sunday about 90 demonstrators gathered in the village of Salim near Nablus to show support of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 and to protest the occupation and its consequences for Palestinian villages such as Salim. UNSC Resolution 1325 addresses the impact of conflict on girls and women, and calls for extra protection of women in conflict areas.

The demonstration began at the center of the villages and from here the demonstrators walked out to some of the houses near road 557 that have received demolition orders. Here speeches were given by local politicians, representatives from women groups in the area, family members of martyrs and a representative of the present international groups.

The settler-only road 557 near the village of Salim leads to the settlement Elon Moreh and cuts up the village’s land, and in addition to this, the army has built a long earth mound through the nearby fields to prevent vehicles such as tractors to approach the road. During the olive harvest, the army use check points along the road to prevent Salim families from going to their land to harvest their olives.

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