Israel detains 5 Palestinians and sets up checkpoints in Jenin

The Palestine Telegraph

Israeli occupation forces kidnapped 5 Palestinians early Wednesday after an operation of raids launched in different villages, towns and neighborhoods of Hebron in the southern of the West Bank.

Security sources said that occupation forces detained two brothers Majdi and Fawzi Jaradat, in the twenties of age, after raiding their house, also they detained the citizen Saad Jaradat. All were detained in Sair village in north-east Hebron.

Also in Hebron, they detained Jihad Shabana and Abdul Rahman Vasfos after raiding their homes. They raided the Al-Khalil University, too.

The security sources said that Israeli occupation forces raided into several areas in Hebron and stormed Tarqumiya, Al-Zahria and Al-Orob refugee camp where they carried out search operations for a number of houses.

In Jenin, Israeli occupation forces stormed the city early Wednesday, stationed in the military street and set up military checkpoints in the west of the city; no arrests were reported.

Local sources said: "The dozens of Israeli soldiers stationed in Hassan valley between Al-Yamoun and Burkin villages, west of Jenin, and set up a checkpoint on the above mentioned road at 5 a.m"

Israeli soldiers also set up a barrier between the villages of Al-Tayeba and Romana west of Jenin and started to search the vehicles of citizens, where presence continued in the region for more than ten days.

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