Squatter on his own land

Gush Shalom

The detained Bedouin human rights activist Nuri el Okbi will be brought to the Be'er Sheba Magistrate's Court (Shalom Court) tomorrow (Mon. March 1) at 12.00 noon.

El Okbi is well known for his prolonged fight for the rights of his family to its land. He has lived on the disputed land for many years although the state has tried its utmost to remove him. El Okbi was arrested last Thursday by the Rahat police. A draconian charge sheet, with no less than 28 counts, was presented against him. Most charges refer to "Trespassing"and "causing damage" – i.e. erecting a tent on the land, staying in this tent and trying to stop workers of the JNF (Jewish National Fund) from working on the land. There is, of course, no mention of the fact that this is the land where el Okbi was born and spent his first ten years, until his family and tribe were all expelled from their land.

The charges make no sense as the land is his, or is at least disputed. He is conducting a lengthy civil suit in the Beer Sheba District Court to prove his ownership, Nuri is almost 70 and has heart problems – he should not be arrested.

Further details:

Saul Davis, Adv. 054-4222892 Chaya Noach 052-4269011 Ya'akov Manor 050-5733276

Hebrew text of the 20 page charge sheet

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