Israeli army opens fire on Palestinian Medical team

The Palestine Telegraph

Mo'tasem Awad, in charge of the International Humanitarian Law department at the Red Crescent stated that Israeli occupation forces opened fire at Red Crescent medics while they were trying to approach a wounded child who died of his wounds. The child, Mohammad Riyadh Nayef, 15, from al Jalazoun refugee camp, was shot and seriously wounded on Tuesday after a round of live ammunition hit him in the chest.

As medics tried to approach the child, the army opened fire at them, and a soldier told one of the medics that "the army does not need anybody's help, we have an ambulance on its way".

It took the Israeli ambulance nearly 90 minutes to reach the area, and its medics took the child to an Israeli hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Red Crescent slammed the Israeli violations, and said that Israeli soldiers repeatedly hindered the work of medical teams.

It added that such measures are illegal and violate the Civilian Protection article of the Geneva Convention of 1949.

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