Israeli forces raid Bil’in in the night

International Solidarity Movement

Around 2:30am, the Israeli occupation forces invaded Bil’in again. They raided two houses but no arrests were made.

They raided the house where Khamse Yaseen (age 16) lives and attempted to arrest him, but he was not at home at the time. They also raided the house where Yaseen Mohammed Ali Yaseen (age 21) lives but could not find him either.

During the raid at both houses, Palestinian and international activists challenged the soldiers standing guard outside. They were told that they were in a “closed military area,” were not allowed to film, and that they had to go home. Since the photographer, Hamde Abu Rahma, who showed his Press ID, continued to take photos, the soldiers pointed the guns at him and chased after him at some point.

After intense arguing on both sides, the soldiers eventually retreated having not succeeded in arresting the wanted men. As the leaving Jeeps were surrounded by Palestinian and international activists, the soldiers threw several sound bombs to disperse them. The Jeeps then exited the village, driving towards the Apartheid Wall without any victims.

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