IOF Detain 11 Palestinians in West Bank

The Palestine Telegraph

At Tuesday dawn, the Israeli occupation forces continued its detaining assault on West Bank towns, villages and camps. They detained 11 Palestinians after breaking into their homes and tampering with their contents.

"The Israeli occupation forces detained the Palestinians claiming that they are "wanted". Pointing out that one of them was detained in Nablus, one in Qalqilya, seven in Ramallah and two in Bethlehem. They were taken to interrogation centers": Yediot Ahronot Hebrew newspaper reported in its website.

The Palestinian sources said that IOF raided Nablus city and raided Kalbouna building where they blew four apartments' doors; Sami Hamdan's apartment was one of them. Also, they detained Hani al-Bukhaari, 29, who residents in Al Sekka street.

In addition to, they raided Eraq Boreen, a village in Nablus, and detained Khaled Adel Qadoos, 20 years.
IOF raided Allar town, in Tulkarem, and searched Ameera Fares' house. Moreover, they give each of: Nayef Jamal, 18, and Mohammed Fatih Khrouf, 19, notifications to revisit the occupation intelligence.

Besides, In Salfit, IOF invaded Qarawat Bani Hassan town and broke in Majid Ibrahim Marei‘s house to detain his son, Ahmed 20 years, but they did not find him. So, they gave his family a notification to revisit the occupation intelligence.

They also raided Bethlehem and Dheisheh camp and detained Ahmad Fawzi Mohammed Al Sadjadip, 22, after raiding and tampering his home.

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