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Gaza, December 27, 2009 (Pal Telegraph) - Jamela Al-Habash, 15, a Palestinian girl lost her legs a year ago, when an Israeli missile attacked her at the roof of her house in eastern Gaza city in January 4, 2008. The rocket also killed her sister Shaza, 10, and a cousin when they were playing.

While some different media agencies local, Arabian and even international published her story, The Palestine Telegraph helped Jamela to achieve her goal and granted her the chance to be a journalist as she hoped.

Today, while Gazans were commemorating the first anniversary of Gaza war, Jamela started her career with Pal Telegraph. With her wheelchair, she was moving between her colleagues' offices. She sat on her office as any other editor works with Pal Telegraph. She opened her computer and started writing her first article to be posted on Pal Telegraph. Jamela wrote her simple words far from bombastic language and never try to embellish it , but to be candor.

She hopes to disseminate her writings to divulge Israel war crimes against the Palestinian people. With high spirit, she started her writing. She preferred to start with her story narrting what happened with her. She did not hesitate to discuss her ideas with her colleagues who welcomed her warmly.

Jamela wrote her Arabic first darft and then edit it with the journalist Asmaa, who offered her help. Jamela's writing translated by Pal Telegraph Editor Mohammad Al-Nadi. Pal Telegraph team, in Gaza, worked today with their new colleague and spent a specail day they all will never forget.

The following is her first piece of writing.

Jamila's Dream Becomes True

After Israel's deadliest-ever war on Gaza had ended, during which Jamila lost her two legs, she traveled to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, and then flew to Slovenia, where she was given artificial limbs which enabled her to walk.

Struggling hard to start anew, in early September Jamila eventually returned to her normal rhythm of life, back to school as though she had not been affected by Israel's vicious war, but her persistent dream of becoming journalist never slips her mind, as she still looks forward to when she is a journalist in order to document the suffering of Palestinians to the entire world.
Not before Jamila was offered an opportunity to work as journalist at the Palestine Telegraph office in Gaza, where she was ushered to her new office by all his new colleagues, she Jamila didn't realize that there would be a chance for her to fulfill her dream-the dream which she has long dreamt of since she was in the fifth grade.

"The atmosphere is full of love and cooperation; they (employees) are like one family. The Palestine Telegraph will become a very important part of my life, and that my colleagues here are like my siblings. I will be in constant touch with them. They all are like one hand as they do their best to show the world the suffering of a people being slaughtered.", Jamila said expressing her feelings at her workplace after having been warmly received by her colleagues.

"My message, through this work, is to expose the hideous crimes being committed by Israeli occupation against Gaza to the entire world, and to encourage children who have the ability to achieve their dreams, even if all their bodies were mutilated", she added.

You can see Jamela shortly after the attack on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEngW1znqwY

Photo by Eman Jomaa

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