"We work with death to be able to live"

by Abed Al Hadi M. Basher

The Palestine Telegraph

Three days ago, I woke up early, left my house and on my way I met a friend who was angry and I asked him "what's up with you? He replied:" 4 Palestinians died in tunnels collapse". I got nervous and asked him what do you mean? "Our friends Ahmad, his brother and his uncle died in tunnel collapsed on Tuesday night, in Rafah" he replied.

At the first time, I have been shocked then I said may Allah rest their souls in perfect peace, and then we went together to see them for the last time.

Ahmad, 20, was my friend he loved life; he planned to marry and build small house. Last time I saw him bought motorcycle; he was so happy. I asked him to stop working in smuggling goods from Egypt to Gaza. He smiled and said:" We work with death to be able to live".

For Palestinians in Gaza, tunnels are the only lifeline to smuggle food and basic needs since Israeli occupation imposed a tight siege on Gaza Strip in 2006. Israel claims that tunnels are used to smuggle weapons. I just want to ask: Is the free world unable to do anything in front of these Zionists? We are peaceful people; we demand our legitimate to live decent life.

While celebrating Christmas, it would be a good idea to think about the birthplace of Jesus. What is like in the Holy Land under Zionist occupation, injustice and racism? How does Christmas feel when the Holy Land is under Zionist siege?

Finally, I want to say happy Christmas and happy New Year to the free world from the blockaded Gaza.

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